XV Cochrane Colloquium

XV Cochrane Colloquium

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Prizes and Awards

The Kenneth Warren Prize

Kenneth Warren

Ken Warren was a larger-than-life man who was a source of encouragement and support for many young people, particularly those living in developing countries. He was very influential in drawing attention to the ‘great neglected diseases’ that plague people in the poorer parts of the world. He was one of the first people to draw attention to the need for valid summaries of key research studies and to the way that electronic media could be used to disseminate the results of health research relevant to people in developing countries. Ken was an enthusiastic supporter of the pilot work in pregnancy and childbirth that led to the creation of The Cochrane Collaboration, and, with Fred Mosteller, he co-organised the meeting at the New York Academy of Sciences at which the vision for The Cochrane Collaboration was first made public.

The Kenneth Warren Prize has been established with individual and institutional donations to celebrate and recognise Ken’s interests. It was awarded for the first time at the Eighth Cochrane Colloquium in Cape Town, South Africa, in October 2000.

Previous Kenneth Warren Prize recipients

2000  Marissa Alejandria (Philippines) and Anelise Lima (Brazil)
2001  Manit Srisurapanont (Thailand)
2002  Prathap Tharyan (India)
2003  Mauricio Silva de Lima (Brazil)
2004  George Swingler (South Africa)
2005  Marilla Lucero (Philippines)
2006  Jonathan Ipser (South Africa)

Arrangements for the Kenneth Warren Prize for 2007

Every new or substantively updated Cochrane review judged to be both of high methodological quality and relevant to health problems in developing countries, and published in Issues 3 or 4 2006 and Issues 1 or 2 2007 of The Cochrane Library, for which the contact author is a national currently living in a developing country, is eligible for the 2007 prize. The judgement is made by a panel comprised entirely of nationals of developing countries. The contact author of the successful review receives a certificate and a cheque for 1000 US dollars, and financial support for registration, travel and accommodation expenses associated with participation in the XV Cochrane Colloquium.

The selection panel for the Kenneth Warren Prize for 2007 consists of Prathap Tharyan (Chair), Jonathan Ipser, Marilla Lucero and George Swingler.
Donations to the Kenneth Warren Prize Fund
Anyone wishing to consider making a donation should contact secretariat@cochrane.org